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National Young Professional & Entrepreneur Conference (NYPEC) was held on 2011 at GMS Surabaya and 2013 at GMS Favour Jakarta

The mission for NYPEC is to raise Christian entreprenuers and professionals to answer God’s calling in their life. We believe as Christians in the marketplace we need to shine in the way we conduct our business and to define the true meaning of success, which is not only measured by wealth. Our mission is to provide and enchance radical life-changing mindsets based on God’s perspective, which at the end bring impact to the world. Our target participants for this conference are 2500 professionals and entrepreneurs from all over Indonesia.

We recognized that God's calling in our lives is not just merely to enable us to be successful, or to achieve worldly wealth for our own self satisfaction or the interest of certain group; the greater reason is the dedication and devotion towards the needs of others and the Nation. Each and everyone of us is called by God to work in all areas of life to produce a masterpiece of noble living.


Ps Philip Mantofa


Ps Caleb Natanielliem


Mr Bong Chandra

Motivator and Trinity Group

Mr Yongky S. Susilo

AC Nielsen

Mr Jonathan Natakusuma

Mr Yusuf

Lekko Restaurant

Mr Bambang

Brighton Property

Mr Reza Nangin

Cameo Project

Mr Martin Anugrah

Cameo Project

Ms Patricia Gouw

Asia’s Next Top Model

Mr Deny Raharjo

Kinerja Pay Indonesia   

Mrs Ong Alfie

Finna / Artisan Market

Early Bird Price

Rp 250.000,- 
6 May - 11 June

Regular Price

Rp 350.000,-
12 June - 31 July


Conference Lowdown

 Where will NYPEC Conference 2017 be held?


 How much does it cost?

EarlyBird (6 May - 11 June) Price Rp 250.000,- 
Regular (12 June - 31 July) Price Rp 350.000,-

 Why should i attend?

NYPEC 2017 is a place you can meet passionate Christian professionals and entrepreneur. You’ll have unparalleled opportunites to learn, network, and get inspired.Attendees regularly report that it’s one of the most enjoyable, rewarding professional experiences they’ve ever experienced. You’ll get inspiration, ideas, and skills to last all year.

 Will the event be filmed and photographed?

Yes. By entering and being at this event, you consent to be filmed and photographed. From time to time, NYPEC recorded video and photographs of conference events and attendees in its promotional materials.

 How can i stay informed about NYPEC 2017?

We wil updates via Email Address

Registration & Payment

 What methods can i use to pay?

* Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard, JCB, American Express)
* BCA KlikPay
* E-Pay BRI
* Modern Channel (Alfamart, Pos Indonesia, Perniagaan)
* Mandiri IB
* Permata ATM
* VA Maybank

 How do I request a copy of my receipt?

For an additional copy of your receipt, simply email the NYPEC Conference Registration Team with your request.

 What is the payment policy?

NYPEC accepts all major credit cards at time of registration. For all ticket purchased via purchase order and wire transfer, payment is due (2) hours of registration. If your payment is past due, NYPEC reserves the right to cancel your purchase at any time upon notice to you.

Cancelation & Substitutions

 Can I substitute a colleague if I can no longer attend?

If you are unable to attend the NYPEC Conference, you may transfer your registration to another person. Please submirt your transfer request to the NYPEC Conference Registration Team. If you had a hotel reservation be sure to contact the hotel directly to cancel or transfer the booking.

Housing, Travel & Miscellaneous

 Are there NYPEC 2017 hotels available to book?

Contact our team and we will give you information to the nearest hotel from Conference Place.

 Where can i find Information about Transportation?

During at Surabaya any online transportation (UBER, Go Jek, Grab) is available to book. Just Download and  Install the apps.

 How do i get from airport to the conference?

Ground transportation (Taxi or Bus) is available from Juanda International Airport.

 Who should I contact if I have special dietary needs or allergies?

Submit your dietary needs and/or restiction after the payment process at +6282342028500

 What if I still have a questions about NYPEC 2017?

Contact our team at +6282342028500 We are Happy to assist you any way we can.