National Young Professionals & Entrepreneur Conference (NYPEC) was held for the first time on 2011 in our home church at Surabaya. This year, we are pleased to say that it will be hosted by Mawar Sharon Church - Favour, Jakarta.

The mission for NYPEC is to raise Christian entrepreneurs and professionals to answer God’s calling in their lives. We believe as Christians in the marketplace, we need to shine in the way we conduct our business and to define the true meaning of success, which is not only measured by wealth. Our mission is to provide and enhance radical life changing mindsets based on God's perspective which at the end bring impact to the world. Our target participants for this conference are 1,000 professionals and entreprenuers from all over Indonesia.

We recognized that God’s calling in our lives is not just merely to enable us to be successful, or to achieve worldly wealth for our own self satisfaction or the interests of certain group; the greater reason is the dedication and devotion towards the needs of others and the Nation. Each and every one of us is called by God to work in all areas of life to produce a masterpiece of noble living.

Hence, the theme for this year’s NYPEC Conference is:

"SIGNIFICANT" Beyond Success

Ps. Caleb Natanielliem
Executive Pastor of Mawar Sharon Church
Ps. Caleb Natanielliem, MBA, got his Bachelor of Administration Studies from New York University Toronto, Canada, and Master of Business Administration from Loyola Marymount University Los Angeles, USA. After coming back to Indonesia, he became a lecturer at International Business Management of Petra University.

He married his wife, Feby at 1999 and felt grateful for his two beautiful daughters, Crystal and Caylee. His obedience to God brought him to be a full timer at Gereja Mawar Sharon in 2001. Today, he becomes a Senior Pastor's assistant in the field of Finance and Management, CEO of MSCS and the Director of CV Pustaka Rajawali.
Ps. Philip Mantofa
Associate Pastor of Mawar Sharon Church
Ps. Philip Mantofa graduated in theology from Coumbia Bible College, British Colombia, Canada. SInce 1998, he has been serving in Mawar Sharon Church, a growing church of 30,000 congregation in Indonesia. Currently, he is the assistant head of Gereja Mawar Sharon denomination, which has a network of 70 local churches.

Since his younger age, he has brought more than 100,000 souls to Christ. His passion is to ignite the fire within the younger generation to become pastors and spiritual leaders all around Asia. Moreover, he has a burning desire to see nations experience and encounter the love of Jesus Christ.
Ps. Peter Kaonang
District Pastor of GMS for Jakarta, West Java, Kalimantan & Maluku
Pastor Peter Kaonang is Pastor Phillip Mantofa's spiritual son. A successful Entreprenuer that has devoted his life for God. Pastor Peter started serving in Mawar Sharon Church in 2011, currently he is trusted to lead as the Regional Pastor in the area of Jakarta, West Java, Kalimantan, Maluku, a total of 8 local churches under his leadership. His desire is to build strong, dynamic and relevant strong local churches. Pastor Peter now resides in Jakarta with his wife, Suriani Kaonang and 2 sons - Kevin and Clement.
Ps. Mulyadi Budiyanto
District Pastor of Young Professional GMS
Pastor Mulyadi Budiyanto, also known as "Pastor MiL", received and gets to know Jesus Christ as his savior at 1992 in Los Angeles. He initially started his ministry as a church planter, Leadership Trainer & Pastor. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from Purdue Unversity (USA) and Master of Arts in Christian Leadership from Fuller Theological Seminary (USA). Pastor MiL presently serves in Mawar Sharon Church Surabaya as the Young Professional (ProM) District Pastor and as the project leader in "Before 30 Discipleship". Blessed in a happy 10 year marriage to Juluan Bahri with two lovely children: Chloe Andrea Budiyanto & Darren Nathaniel Budiyanto.
Ps. Fuji Harsono
Local Pastor of GMS Jakarta
Pastor Fuji Harsono leads the Mawar Sharon Favour Satellite in Jakarta. Pastor Fuji engages alot in teaching and evangalism gifts. His desire is to raise leaders and lead this generation back to Christ. Together with his beloved wife, Magdalena Christina, they are blessed with two amazing daughters, Jocelynn and Janice.
Andreas Nawawi
Entrepreneur & Former Commisioner of PT. Sentul City Tbk
He serves as an Elder of Masa Depan Cerah Church Indonesia. As a faithful pastor and successful businessman, Ps. Andreas Nanawi believes strongly that work and ministry can't be separated. His desire is to serve God with all that he has, and at the same time to make his office desk become a platform to testify God's love and truth. His ministry in church and in marketplace has impacted the lives of many.
Bondan Winarno
Owner of Kopitiam Oey & Culinary Expert
Bondan Winarno, or is familiarly called as Mr Bondan, the name "Mr. Bondan" becomes increasing popular with the public since he becomes a culinary presenter that invites his television viewers to participate in tasting the specialties delicacy in each region locally, or even in Overseas. With a simple tagline " Pokok'e Maknyus" (Only one word to describe: Delicious!), makes him unextraordinary well-known. Currently, Mr Bondan has successfully expand "Cafe Kopitiam Oey" Restaurant, one of the biggest chain in a few cities in Indonesia. Besides that, he also owned food court business in various places.
Bong Chandra
Entrepreneur - Author - Motivator
He has been an international speaker since the age of 18. At the age of 22 years, he has successfully developed his first 5 hectare-180 Million Rupiah residential project. He is also a Bestseller author and youngest motivator who was invited to motivate in a biggest company in the whole world in 2009 (Fortune 500). He has given motivation seminars to 2 Million people from various backgrounds in Indonesia. Under his leadership, he has lead 4 companies with 250 staff members, and currently is a commissioner of Trinity Property Group, Bong Chandra Success System Group, Free Car Wash Indonesia and BC Kuliner Indonesia.
Indayati Oetomo
International Director John Robert Powers
Born in Surabaya on 10 December 1956. She started her career as Encylopedia Books Sales for 2 years, and yet also ever join as an Account Executive with the company in food and beverages distribution for 7 years. Then since 1992 until recently, She believed to be International Director John Robert Powers. For joining with John Robert Powers, experiences that has been achieved and recognized by the International in improving the quality of human resources is as consultant, Motivator and Trainer in various companies, Book - Writer, arrange the management of JRP Indonesia with integrating the pure concept of JRP USA adapted with the Indonesian works-culture, arrange and develop the curriculum of JRP Indonesia periodically according with dynamicization age, rebuild crysis experienced by JRP in the branch office of Jakarta at 2003 ( Change Management ), develop the JRP branch offices in Indonesia.